Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Young Liberian Holds High Ambition

-Says he need support in his endeavor

A young creative Liberian, Mr. Rabbia Saab, have called on potential people of the Liberian society to aid him on his endeavor to become a designer and builder of air and sea crafts.
Mr. Saab, 27, through his handy work designed two model Brussels airline planes with electricity and operational engines which can be powered up by an AC adaptor.
According to the craftsman, he single handedly build the model airliners over a period of twelve months to demonstrate that he could built a live aircraft if he had gone abroad to get advance training for building aircraft.
Speaking with the Daily Observer, Mr. Saab said he needs a scholarship to forward his academic status and his craft in designing and building planes and vessels that could put Liberia on the world’s invention map.
Asked if Mr. Saab have any previous tutorials in designing and building the model planes he had built, he said his craftiness was an inborn tendency which he believes could be further explored.
“I started building these planes on my own. It is an inborn tendency; it is a natural gift from God. As a little boy I have always being building planes though they were not as advanced as my latest Brussels airliners,” Mr. Saab said.
Mr. Saab, who resides in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, said he was working on a model ship that would sail on water with fully operational cranes that would load and offload model containers.
“Currently I am building a ship with two hatches,” he said, “it would be floatable and everything about it is going to work. I am going to build a remote control and drive it on water.”
27 years was born unto the union of Essan Saad, a Lebanese engineer, and Diannah Saab, Bassa; and is on the verge of completing his high school requirements to become a graduate of the W. P.L. Brumskin United Methodist High School in Grand Bassa County.
Meanwhile, Rabbia Saab said he would appreciate all the help he can get to meet his goal of becoming one of the designers and builders of ships and planes in the world and the first from Liberia.

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