Sunday, March 7, 2010

LPRC Brings Relief to Vickey Community

As popular demand by the over 400 inhabitants of Vickey Community, Logan Town, for places of convenience intensifies, the charity wing of the Liberia Refining Petroleum Company (LPRC) constructed a six-room pit latrine for their use.
The head of LPRC’s Charity Program, Mrs. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, turning over the keys to the facility to Deputy Managing Director Jackson F. Doe, Jr, asserted that the pit latrine, which cost about US$6,500, was constructed owing to a request made by a local group, Citizen for the Reconstruction of Liberia (CRL).
Mrs. Lawrence disclosed that the latrine was constructed in collaboration with the community as a demonstration of LPRC commitment to the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS).
The LPRC’s Charity head divulged that the construction of the pit latrine is one of the hundredth undertakings of LPRC since 2006. She added that such undertakings are a way of demonstrating their continued support to the Government’s PRS initiative.
LPRC’s Deputy Managing Director Jackson, on behalf of the Board of Directors and management, thanked the Charity division and advised the inhabitants of Logan Town to maintain and take good care of the pit latrine.
Cutting the ribbon to the pit latrine, LPRC Finance Director Elizabeth Matu Tubman told the community dwellers that there would be a monthly or quarterly inspection of the facility and appealed to them to keep the latrine clean.
Turning over the key to CRL Project Director Nelson Karmie, Madam Tubman reminded them that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
Speaking on behalf of the Community, CRL Project Director Karmie thanked LPRC for the construction of the latrine and assured the Corporation that the facility would be kept clean.
“We are grateful for the timely construction of this six-room pit latrine and we can assure you of keeping it clean. This latrine has inserted smiles on the faces of more than 400 would-be users. We are happy because there will be no more ‘plastic flying’ and there will be no feces all around in this community. The latrine, we believe, will curtail sickness,” Mr. Karmie avowed.
The administrator of the pit latrine, George Paye told the Daily Observer that the construction of the latrine is welcoming.