Saturday, November 13, 2010

Arterial Network Launched in Liberia

An umbrella association for creative artist in Africa has been launched in Liberia to enable Liberians to start to appreciate their own culture.
The program was launched on November 13, 2010 in the auditorium of the university of Liberia main campus in Monrovia an array of universiterians and artist living in Liberia gathered to witness the birth of the noble organization in the country.
Speaking at the program the former director of the national bereau of cu;ture and tourism in Liberia, Ambassador Jallah K.K Kamara expressed disappointment in the way Liberians have depreciated their own cultural for western culture.
He noted that travelling across Liberia there is little artifacts to tell about the history of the Liberian cultural heritage that exist in the country.
“No matter how long a log remains in the river it will never become an alligator. Most Liberians have shied away from their original cultural and adapt to that of the western cultural. No matter how hard we try we cannot become Americans and there is no way Americans are going to see Liberians as American,” He said.
Following this speaker, Mr. Ras Kollie of the Renaissance Communication Incorporated urged Liberians that they should not neglect their culture because of western culture that is a borrowed culture in this land.
He give some analogies stating that no one rise is superior but the northern and western powers are making themselves feel superior because Africans are agreeing to the ill facts that they are inferior to the white race.  
Meanwhile, the launching ceremony makes Liberia the 33rd country in the world that the Arterial Network in operating in.
The program was graced by performance from the ambassadors culture dance troop and Siafa K. Ballah, the son of liberia’s veteran culturist Peter Ballah.
also an election was to be held for the sake of democracy within the net work but thew gathering agreed that since there was little knowledge about the organization there was a need for the interim country representative spearhead the organization until it is well grounded in the country.
More news on the development of the Arterial Network in liberia will be visible on Newsline. keep reading

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