Thursday, November 4, 2010

“God Should Give Me One Day at a Time”

-Mother York at 85

Members of the Eliza Turner African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church last Thursday held a thanksgiving service in honor of Mother Louise C. Wilson York on her 85th birthday, a long time member of the Board of Trustees of the AME Church.
The program was observed in the edifice of the Eliza Turner AME Church on Camp Johnson road where friends of mother York, organizations that she belongs to and some members of her church showered statements of appreciation upon her.
Within the many statements of appreciation allotted to the 85 years old York, her friends, colleagues and fellow worshippers lauded her being an educationist, straight forward and passionate person and an encourager as well.
The honoree had served many positions as a professional person within the AME mission in Liberia. Some of the positions that she had held include President Women Missionary Society (WMS), President Stewardess Board, Member Pastor’s Aid, President Conference Branch and Episcopal District Pastor.
During her remarks, Mother York thanked the Eliza Turner AME Church for organizing such a program and said her motto through life was based on the gospel hymn “one day at a time.”
“You might know the history behind this song, but this has been my motto through life; that god should give me one day at a time because he knows what is best for me. I am not asking him what he has for me in the future, I can ask him that. But I only said to him –Lord what you have for me let me have it one day at a time. That have been my pray,” she said.
She further encouraged those in the congregation to develop or stick to a motto which would make them contended with whatever God gives them.
“God has a place for everybody on the globe, everybody he created he has a place. Yours is not mine, and mine is not yours. Learn to trust God and let him show you the way to take rather than trying to force your own way,” Mother York.
She thanked god for the four scores and five years she had lived and expressed how much love she harbored in her heart for her church.
In her closing statements, mother York urged everyone attending to take time in life and there is nothing to hurry for.
She received gifts from some members of the church including a purple gown from the International Gospel Translators (IGT) choir of the Eliza Turner AME Church.

Mother York

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