Monday, November 8, 2010

DEA Napped Several Grams of Narcotics

Gbarpolu- The Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) detail within Gbarpolu County had arrested at least two drugs smugglers at the Compound-su check point in the county with several grams of narcotics drugs.
The two smugglers identified as, Edmond Dweh, 33, and Onyeka Samuel Ogochukwu, 36, was arrested in October with approximately 724 grams of cocaine and four parcel of Italian white.
According to information gathered from source within the DEA detachment in the county, suspect Edmond Dweh was arrested on October 5, 2010 with four parcel of Italian white while he was transporting the drugs to Henry’s Town beyond Bopolu city.
Mr. Dweh in his statement at the DEA Charge of Quarter said he was transporting the drugs from a lady he identified as comfort in Grand Gedeh to a lady named sis Alice in Henry’s town when was napped by DEA officers.
The alleged perpetrator stacked the parcels of Italian white into the waist of the jeans the he was wearing but was discovered by the DEA agents at the compound su check point.
The second suspect Onyeka Samuel Ogochukwu, was arrested on October 26, 2010 at the compound su check point with 724 grams of cocaine which street value was put at about US$36,924.00 by the agents who arrested him.
According to the DEA charge sheets, both of the suspect, have admitted to the position of narcotic substance were charged for drugs trafficking and the possession of dangerous narcotic drugs.
Speaking with Newsline, Ltc George Ponney, Officer in Charge (OIC) of the Gbarpolu Dea Detail said drugs are flowing into that part of the country from across the borders and from Monrovia as well.
He said there is a steady flow of marijuana entering the country from Sierra Leone through Kungbor while other drugs including cocaine and Italian white were flowing from Monrovia.
“For example, those people that we arrested in Gbarpolu they came from Monrovia and were travelling to Henry’s town beyond Bopolu. We do not know where they got it from but we got information and we tracked them down,” he added.
Mr. Ponney said suspect Onyeka Samuel Ogochukwu camouflaged the 724 grams of drugs in a pack of female cortex and had the pack sealed up.
“The Nigerian suspect was arrested with 724 grams of cocaine from him. He placed in a pack of cortex and taped it fine as if it was a new one form the store. But because we are security and we believe in information, when he arrived at the checkpoint we searched him and found the drugs with him,” He explained.
He further said suspect Edmond Dweh hid the four parcels of Italian white inside a trousers waist band and pretended that the trousers was a dirty working cloth he was carrying in his bag.
However, the Ltc Ponney said, that his detail is faced with problems in executing their duties in parts of the county where there were drugs abuse due to the poor road network in the county and limited resources that they operate with.
“Beyond Bopolu in areas such as Henry’s town and Gayarmah crimes are very high. Officers and agents have to walk eight to nine hours some times to carry out arrest. This is risky for the officers. The road condition is bad,” he said.

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