Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ellen Unshackles Ministers

As 2011 draws closer

President Sirleaf

With Just 11 months to the Liberian General and Presidential Election, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sacked her entire cabinet to allow them pursue their individual political ambitions.
Many of the Ministers within government had been petitioned for positions within the House of Legislature and for presidency as well.
At an emergency cabinet meeting held on last Wednesday evening in the city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, President Sirleaf mandated an immediate administrative leave for all Ministers within the republic until they were asked to return or their successors were appointed.
The President in an interview said her decision was influenced by individual pursuits of members of her cabinet and would therefore want to give them a chance to move on.
President Sirleaf further said her abrupt action was due to the fact that her administration was entering a critical stretch that could afford her the opportunity to start with a more committed people.
“Well, as I explained to the cabinet at our meeting, we are about to enter what I call the final stretch of this administration. I want to get a lot done in this last stretch and I know many ministers have other pursuits. I want to give them an opportunity to move on,” she said.
A cabinet restructuring, according to the President, would be made in the shortest possible time and that several ministers could be reappointed. In the meantime, designated deputies are authorized to act.
“And those who will continue on the team will need to know that their being in this final period means they’ve got to bring stronger commitment and have more effective results. I’m going to be asking them to set goals and objectives that will be time-bound and have them commit to it. So it’s just an attempt to add more dynamism to the work that we are going to do in this last year,” President Johnson Sirleaf further explained.
An Executive Mansion release said the President told the Ministers that she appreciated their contributions, but the leave could be used as an opportunity for reflection on their part, especially those who might be considering other career opportunities.
According to the President, those Ministers who are travelling and are on special assignments will be allowed to complete their missions before being affected by her directive. She, however, made one exception, asking Dr. Edward B. McClain, Jr., Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, to hold on so as to collaborate with Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.
On behalf of the Cabinet, former Defense Minister Brownie Samukai thanked the President for providing Ministers the opportunity to serve her Administration and the country. He said they would be available to serve again whenever called upon.
Similar exercise is expected to be undertaken for the concerned autonomous agencies, the President said.
Meanwhile, some of the Minister have sent in their resignation and others are saying that they would not resigned and if the government was done with them it should dismissed them honorably.

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  1. Bill--

    Good reporting here - lots of information. I'm curious whether the ministers have plans about moving on, but I'm guessing this came as a surprise. Seems that Ellen needs to shake this up and the question will be whether or this is an effective way to do that. I'll be looking forward to reading more posts on your blog here to get updates on the situation!!



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