Friday, July 24, 2009

Senate Somersaults

-Confirms Gongloe and Police Director

The Liberian Senate has somersaulted on its previous rejection decision on the confirmation of Former solicitor General of Liberia Cllr. Taiwan Gongloe.
Cllr. Gongloe was nominated by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf few weeks ago to serve the post of Labor Minster of Liberia.
The Liberian Senate took the decision on Thursday July 23, 2009 following more than three hours in executive session.
Speaking to legislative reporters following the confirmation of the nominees by the Senate, the Senate Pro-Tempore Grand Kru County senior Senator Cletus Worotoson said the action of the Senate to confirm both Cllr. Gongloe and Police Director Marc Ambrald was in the best interest of the Country.
Senator Worotoson said it was no mistake on the part of the Liberian Senate to confirm the two nominees since in fact the Senate had been provided with all necessary information on the two nominees.
When asked as to the information that was lacking to the Senate, Senator Worotoson could not say much but rather noted that the Senate was provided with additional information on the ability of the two nominees to serve in said positions.
‘There were lots of information to the Senate that was lacking that’s why we rejected Cllr. Gongloe the first time and nothing else’ Senator Worotoson told journalists Thursday.
It may be recalled that the Liberian Senate on last week rejected the nomination of Cllr. Taiwan Gongloe for what they referred to as his inability to function as head of the Labor Ministry in Monrovia.
At the same time the Senate did also place legislative hold on the confirmation of Police Director Marc Ambrald.
The placing on hold of the confirmation of the Mr. Ambrald was based on what the Senate referred to as lack of security knowledge of the nominee.
The Liberian Senate for the pass days has received lashes from the public for the rejection of Cllr. Gongloe on grounds that he prosecuted several officials of Government during his administration as solicitor general of Liberia.
The Senate on its grounds for rejection for Cllr. Gongloe said the nominee did trial Margibi County Junior Senator Roland Kaine on charges on Murder and Bomi County junior Senator Richard Devine on the charges on Economic Sabotage to the tone of over US$1million.
With the confirmation of the two nominees it is now left with the executive branch of Government to commission the two presidential nominees in order to get ready to serve the Liberian people.

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