Friday, July 17, 2009

2,550 Farmers Benefits from LNRCS

2,550 Farmers Benefits from LNRCS Food Security Project in River Gee
As the issue of food, health and education remains a major problem of many sub-regions in Liberia, the Liberian National Red Cross Society’s (LNRCS) has step up to help the most vulnerable people of rural Liberia.
A team of reports which visited the LNRCS River Gee chapter food project sites in the county was impressed by the way in which the people of River Gee and the LNRCS was cordially working together to reduced hunger in their county.
Since the commencement of the Chapter’s Food security project in 2007, the LNRCS have provided about 2,550 substantive farmers with seed rice, tools and clean rice as well to guide the seed rice.
Speaking to some of the LNRCS River Gee chapter food security beneficiaries in 63 communities including Geken’s and Tarken’s Towns, they elaborated on how the project was benefiting them.
One elder of Tarken’s Town, Moses G. Slowea Slogbor, said that about 40 farmers have benefited from the project recently and are expected to return a 50kg bag of seed rice to the seed bank in the community.
He further asserted that before the LNRCS project, they had very little seeds to start farms that could provide enough food for them, but the project has provided them with more seeds to grow enough food for them and their family.
Another beneficiary, Elizabeth Wallace, said that they are currently faced rice shortage but hopes that they may have a good harvest which will keep rice in their attics until next harvest.
According to the LNRCS River Gee’s Field Officer, Mathew N. Wesseh, about 750 farmers have benefited from the project.
He averred that about 22 bundles of zinc were given out to 11 communities out of the 63 communities in River Gee for the construction of seed bank where returned seeds would be kept for further aid purposes to the most vulnerable of the county.
The field officer further asserted that his chapter is in the business of sensitizing the people on the importance of returning seeds that have been given to them because it is one acquiring seeds for further assistance.
“By returning seeds given to them, the farmers are helping us keep on rendering assistance to other vulnerable farmers,” Wesseh said.
Wesseh avowed that the LNRCS River Gee’s Chapter hopes to reach its goal in strengthening the Farmers to feed themselves and the entire county and even other neighboring counties.

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