Friday, July 17, 2009


By Bill E. Diggs
Many communities in rural Liberia that once faced problem with adequate Drinking water are now benefiting from the Liberian National Red Cross Society’s (LNRCS) Water and Sanitation (WatSan) projects.
According to this reporter who visited some of the projects sites in Rivercess and Sinoe counties the WatSan projects as well as the food security projects provided have to some extend reduce the many health problems that once loomed in those parts of Liberia.
Speaking to some of the beneficiaries of the LNRCS WatSan projects in Cestos
city, they explain how the projects impacted their lives.
Koffa Barney a resident of Kpah's Town, Timbo District said that the LNRCS has carry on their Watsan project in his community based on their assessment in the area.
He added that at least two bathrooms and a hand pump were given to them which have significantly reduced the health problems they faced in the area.
"before the LNRCS came to give this project we use to get water for drinking
from a creek more than 30 minutes away from here which often made our
stomach to run. This project came just in time when we thought that there
was no more hope to get access to safe drinking water, "Koffa Barney said.
Barney thanked the Red Cross and said there was a need for more toilets and
hand pumps in the area.
Washington Bocy, 75, another of the Kpah’s town resident in his native
vernacular said that he is happy for the assistance that LNRCS is
rendering to them, but called on the national government as well as local
and international NGO's to provide them with a health facility because there
was none in their area except for the county health center that was located
in the heart of Cestos city.
Merlin George, Field Officer of the LNRCS chapter in Rivercess County
said that in recent times the LNRCS projects provided cost at least
24,000USD for the entire project.
The Field Officer further asserted that the Rivercess chapter was challenge with the issue of mobilizing resources to meet the need of every community in the area.
Meanwhile, in Saywonkan’s Town, Kpanyan's district, Sinoe County one of the regions where the LNRCS Food Security project was been conducted, Charles T. Snowea, chairman and committee head of the area said that the LNRCS has been like an angel to them when they was almost sinking into the ‘hell of starvation’.
"we never had nothing to start up our farms not even seed nor tools,
cutlasses, hoes axes; when the LNRCS came and provided us with seed as well
as clean rice in order for us to make our farms to help substantiate
ourselves and family,” Snowea said.
About 20 farmers’ received the seed and clean rice from the red cross chapter
in Sinoe in order that they would return 50kg of seed rice after harvest to the LNRCS in order to assist other farmers who did not received from the initial donation.
The chairman of Johnny's Town, Kpanyan’s District, Sinoe County, Philip Wah, told the team of reporters who visited the area that the LNRCS have provided many help to them including clean rice, mats wheel barrow and other life essentive which have aided them a lot.
The chairman of Johnny’s Town thereby signals a SOS call for the need of health and educational facilities which remains a major problem in rural Liberia.
Speaking to the Field Officer of the Sinoe chapter Juhah Kanmoh, he elaborated on how his chapter was carry out its recent project in more than five communities where they provided Four wells Nine Latrines and two hand Pumps.
When asked how his chapter was going to provide health and educational
facilities for the people in Johnny town, he said that building of health and educational facilities was not the traditional part of the LNRCS projects.
"We have a lot of target and are dealing with cross sectional not a specific
group. We sensitized people about the emblem and humanitarian laws of the
Red Cross and how to be patriotic and teach young people the volunteering
spirit because by volunteering we can develop our communities," field
officer said.

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