Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Former ATU Commander on the Run for Rape

-Parents Want Justice, Fear of More Victims

A former Anti-Terrorist Unit (ATU) commander, Babah T. Tarawally, popularly called Mystic and Babtee is currently on the run for raping a sixteen years old girl, in Congo Town behind Lonestar Communications on Tuesday July 14, 2009 in the afternoon hours.

The victim mother, an American, who wants to be anonymous, told Daily Observer yesterday that up to present, Mr. Tarawally is yet to be found, to be arrested, trial and sentenced.

The victim mother revealed that the former ATU commander, Mr. Tarawally also committed such acts with two Sierra Leonean teenagers in Sierra Leone while he and her husband were all in Sierra Leone , about eight years ago, and expressed fear that if not comprehended will be dangerous in the society.

“Since Mr. Trawallye rape my daughter, he is currently at large and want anydoby seeing this man should report him to the nearest police station because he is very dangerous.

“Mystic or Babtee, as he is popularly called in Sierra Leone and Liberia, committed prior acts with minor girls in Sierra Leone up to eight years ago.

“We were able to alert the police, when he was seen in Via Town, Congo Town and New Georgia since this act was committed, but up to present he is in hidden.

“I am afraided that he maybe a flight risk, because he has family in Buedu Kissi Tongi, Kailahun District, Sierra Leone,” the American mother of the 16 years old girl sobbed.

According to the victim mother, Babah T. Tarawally, popularly called Mystic and Babtee is about 5’6”
In height , weight approximately 130 pounds and as last seen wearing blue jeans, corduroy beige jacket, white round hat and brown work boots.

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