Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Observer Editor Takes Off For US Today

As Kenneth Best weeps during Farewell Ceremony
Like a father could always pray for God’s blessings on his son so was it on Tuesday July 21, 2009 when the management and staff of the Daily Observer Newspaper shower their blessings on its Deputy Managing Editor Mr. Cheechiay Jablasone.
Mr. Cheechiay Jablasone who usually writes the editorial for the Daily Observer trip to the United States of America follows a successful wining of the United States Diversity Visa Program in 2008.
Mr. Jablasone won the United States Diversity Visa program in 2008 along with his wife and four children.
Mr. Jablasone Farewell program brought together several editors, reporters, as well as printers of the Daily Observer Cooperation.
Those at the program extended farewell messages to Mr. Jablasone and his entire Family.
Speaking during the farewell program Daily Observer publisher Kenneth Y Best expressed gratitude to Mr. Jablasone for the level of excellence work discharge during his time as Assistant Managing Editor of the Paper.
Mr. Best said the great job exhibited by Mr. Jablasone will not be forgotten by both management and employees of the Corporation.
Mr. Best in tears described Jablasone as a humor individual adding that the management will miss him a lot and that he wishes he all the best.
He challenged Jablasone and his family to always strive for greatly goals in his entire endeavor adding that when this is done he will be proud.
He called on Jablasone to remain focus in discharging his journalistic duties while in the United States of America.
Mr. Best who himself lived in the US cautioned Jablasone not be carry away by everything in the US.
As for Mr. Stanton Peabody Editorial consultant of Daily Observer said he was proud to see his student following his foot step the area of writing editorial.
He recalled years back when Jablasone was his student at the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill in Monrovia describing Jablasone as a good and smart student.
Mr. Peabody described their working together as fruitful adding that he will never forget Jablasone for his submissiveness and his style of work.
He ended by appealing to Jablasone, to see reason in returning to Liberia in the future aimed at helping rebuilt the Country through his journalistic skills.
Following the statement of Mr. Peabody, came Mr. Cheechiay Jablasone who expressed great joy to both management and employees describing his stay at the Observer as rewarding one.
Cheechiay as he was called by employees of Observer said his going to the US is not in any way suggest that he will forget about the institution but rather puts him in better position to serve Liberians.
He vowed to continue to write of the Daily Observer while in the United States using the company’s website and e-mails.
‘I will remain a journalist I don’t care what comes my way in the US trust me’ Jablasone noted.
He expressed thanks to Mr. Best and Mr. Sando Moore for recognizing his journalistic skills in 2005 describing it as a boost to his journalistic future.
Mr. Cheechiay Jablasone served the Daily Observer from June 2005 as a reporter and was later elevated to the post of Deputy Managing Editor for the Daily Observer Newspaper up to present.
In 2004 he worked as an associate editor of the well known Vanguard weekly Newspaper.
Mr. Cheechiay Jablasone is also a former employer of the News News paper were he served as in coming-reporter in 1998.
From 1998 – 1999 he served as editor-in-chief of the Varsity pilot Newspaper on the campus of the University of Liberia.
Jablasone is also a stint of the New Democrat Newspaper in Monrovia and a 2000 graduate of the University of Liberia Mass Communication major and Political science minor.

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