Friday, February 3, 2012

Prison Not very Conducive

Chief Justice, Johnny Lewis, last Wednesday February 1, 2012 urged the Magistrates of the City Court of Monrovia to help find common ground in ‘minor cases’ and stop sending people sending defendants to jail. The Liberian chief justice made this statement in regard to the condition of prisons in the country which he said are not very conducive to be keeping people; while he was on his normal routine visit to lower courts at the Temple of Justice. He said it was not good for judges to sent people to the central for minor cases which could reach an amicable solution in the courts of competent jurisdiction. Chief Justice Lewis made the said urge this after inquring of a case in which defendant Mary Blayee had been send to prison for receiving money, in the tone of US$ 180, under false pretend from complainant Sarah Vojolo, as rent for a room situated in the City Hall Community. The fund according to information gathered, was received in two folds from complainant Vojolo by defendant Blayee and her son, but thay did not live up to their side of the barging and was taken to court. Because they could not have somebody stand their bond, the defenant was sent to prison until they could pay back the money. They defendant having paid US$100 of the said amount had appeared in court, on Wednesday February 1, 2012 when chief justice lewis inquired and requested that a document should be made on how the rest of the funds would be paid.

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