Friday, February 3, 2012

Access Bank US$225,466.69 Theft Case to be Rule

Defendant Daniel A. Maxwell Cries Wolf The man at the center of an alledged US$225,466.69 cyber-theft at Access Bank Liberia (ABL), defendant Daniel A. Maxwell, have begun to cry wolf as the case draws to the criminal court “C” judge’s ruling come Wednesday February 15, 2012 A.D. According to defandant Maxwell when he spoke with Journalists at the Temple of Justice, after appearing in court last Thursday, alledged that assigned circuit judge, Benedict Holt, was being bias in his presiding over the case which commence since November of 2011. It was alledged by defedant Maxwell that his fiance and co-defendant Felecia S. Davis, received a threat call from Judge Holt urging her to testify against him (Maxwell) of she will be sent to prison. The resigned Access Bank Business Analyst, Maxwell, stated the entire case of Theft of Property, Forgery and Criminal, lavied against Ms. Felecia S. Davis, his affiliate Lorpu Dennis and him could be a strategy by Access Bank Liberia to deter other staffers from resigning or some individuals who have been involved in manipulating figures in accounts at the bank have used his name as a scapegoat. Though defendant Maxwell admitted to having knowledge in the field of Information Technology (IT), he denied having requisite IT skills that would enable him manipulate the ABL banking system to steal the aforementioned fund. However, in a court document title Defendants Legal Memorandum one of the seven witnesses presented by the state, Wilfred Lawson, Head of ABL IT Department, said while he (defendant Maxwell) was still working at the bank was the most referenced person locally in providing solutions to users of the banking software application. Also in his testiment before the grand jury, witness Lawson said in his capacity as business analyst and trainer of those who had function with the banking software at the ABL defendant Maxwell had access to the software which stores all banking transaction. It was also testified by Inspector Abraham Duply, after he was informed that defendant Maxwell had stolen from the bank he, Mulbah Sardee, Chief IT Specialist of the Liberia National Police and others conducted an investigation at the bank and found out that the man in question, Maxwell’s sister (unnamed) had deposited L$ 500 in her account at the ABL Redlight Branch but had a checking account of US$15,000. Another witness, Kawala Jumah, Chief of Maintainace at ABL Duala Branch said defendant Maxwell, was seen in the branch’s confrence room on his laptop but did not had time to find out what was being done on it. Having been before His Honor Benedict Holt in Criminal Court “C” since November, the case of alledged cyber-theft is expected to be rule next Wednesday at 10:00 anti-merrdian, but defendant Maxwell said there could be a motion for retrial because, as he alledged, the judge have been bais during the proceedings of the case.

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