Sunday, February 12, 2012

50 Rounded up in Crack-team Raids

-Vlagba residents call for stronger measures
As a sign of commitment to ensuring a ‘crime free society,’ the crack-team of the Liberia National Police (LNP) Support Unit (PSU) raided about two suspected criminal hideouts yesterday arresting 50 suspected criminals in central Monrovia. Some of the areas raided by the LNP includes Vlagba (Center Street) and the old government hospital on Ashmun Street where several forms of drugs substances haave been sold. According to police spokesman, Commissioner George Bardue, at least 41 suspected criminals, drugs users and dealers were arrested at vlagba and another 9 were arrested at the old government hospital. He said this action was to ensure that no stone was left unturned in the fight against crimes which would haunt the citizens of Liberia and cast a negative image on the police. However, some of the suspected criminals escorted to detention pleaded they have gone at the raided locations to carry out activities other than using or selling drugs. Meanwhile, the Insight visited the Vlagba to find out how did residents, who had complained of the sale of drugs in the area, feel about the raid which carry nearly 50 alledged thugs to face the laws of Liberia, it was noticed that drugs activities were being carryout at areas suspected to be ghettos. Speaking to the Insight, a resident for this report named Mary Jones, said the raid in the community give her the confidence that the LNP was going to minimise criminal activities in the city. Ms. Jones said the police will have to keep on raiding the community until they can get hold of the drugs dealers in the area and put them away for good. “I am pleased by the action of the police; it shows that crime is going to end soon. But the police will have to keep coming to do this their raid thing because those who behind the whole thing are still in the community and have not being arrested yet,” Ms. Jones said.

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