Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amb. Greenfield Gets Liberian Passport

As the State Bid Her Farewell
Love your country more than you love yourselves President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson has honored outgoing U.S. Ambassador, Her Excellency Linda Thomas Greenfield as the first honorary citizens of the Republic of Liberia. The honorary citizenship was conferred upon Ambassador Greenfield during the souvenir program for the farewell reception and investiture ceremony held in her honor at the ministry of foreign affairs. Speaking at the program, President Johnson highlighted the ambassador’s role in helping to build the capacity of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) and the justice system in the country. She said the Ambassador Greenfield was a critical partner who helps in identifying lapses in the country and provided ways forward. According to the Liberian President, Madam Greenfield did for the Liberian people what deserve commendation. “During your time in Liberia you have many accomplishments. It is not what you have done but what you have shared with us is what really matters,” President Johnson said. In further remarks the Liberian leader said the U.S. Diplomat had come to Liberia when the country was making strides toward where it is today and have stood tall by the Liberians ‘unlike others who would sit in the comfort of their offices.’ She said because of such commitment to the country Madam Greenfield has become Liberia’s first honorary citizen who did not require a visa to the country. Besides the honor of becoming Liberia’s first honorary citizen, the guest of honor was also admitted into the Humane Order of African Redemption by President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson. President Sirleaf thanked the Government of the United Stated for their ambassador of the country. The souvenir Program was a glamorous event attended by H.E. Joseph N. Boakai and many high profiled individuals from the Government of Liberia, civil society, international NGOs, the United Nations, the United Nations Mission in Liberia, members of the 53rd National Legislature, Cabinet Ministers, staffers of the United States Embassy, journalists and the Armed Forces of Liberia Band Unit. Ambassador was dressed in a neatly pattern country cloth gown by Chief Zanzan Kawor, on behave of the National Traditional Council of Liberia. He hoped that the next ambassador of the United States to Liberia will be as their predecessor Linda Thomas Greenfield. At least eleven government ministries and agencies presented gifts of appreciation to the outgoing U.S Ambassador for the level of support she had given to each of them. The Ambassador received carvings, customized photos of her and President Johnson, police officer uniform, frame designed with the 16 ethnic group dance masks and a plaque with the map of Liberia and a pigmy hippopotamus in it. In response to the numerous praises and honor bestowed upon her, ambassador Greenfield thanked the gathering and said she intend to return to Liberia some days. She give a brief African-American history on which Liberia has its bases as a people who were not wanted in the Americas and were repatriated to Africa and became pioneers of the Republic of Liberia. The outgoing ambassador used the occasion to call on all Liberians to love their country more than they love themselves. “Love your country more than you love yourselves. It is not a hard thing to do. I have been in the country for about three years and I have seen so much selfishness and less care for the common man,” the critical Ambassador said. She further said the potential of Liberia progressing is so great though the country have gone through many dark years. “Liberia will be a better place. I pray that Liberia prosper and make all Liberians proud of being a Liberian,” madam Greenfeild stated.

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