Monday, October 5, 2009

ILFS Call on India to Grant Medical Aids

The Indo-Liberia Friendship Society (ILFS) on Friday, September 18, 2009 called on the Indian Government through its Minister of State for External Affairs Dr. Shashi Tharoor, to see reasons to established a modernized Hospital in the country help solve complicated medical problems.
Since the armed struggle which plague the country for about fourteen years, residents of Liberia have been seeking adequate medical services abroad due to the break down of advance equipment to deal with such ills.
Therefore, the ILFS president madam Marpu P.Z. Dhaliwal, seized the opportunity at the welcoming ceremony of the Indian parliament man held at the resident of the Indian consulate to called on the Indian government to not only established a hospital but to also provide physicians to be assigned to other hospitals in the country.
According to madam Dhaliwal, Liberia over the years had offered Indians a second home to be proud of. She acknowledged the cordial and friendly relationship between the two countries with the hope that the visit of an Indian high-powered delegate to the country would cement the already existent friendship and open new areas of bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
“Mr. Minster, we are aware that India is far ahead in the production of pharmaceuticals which Liberia needs at the moment. We are also aware that 73% of doctors in the United States of America are of Indian origin. It is our hope that in the spirit of South-South Cooperation, Indian doctors and medical support will be sent to Liberia as matter of top priority,” she said.
She warns of malaria saying that malaria is one of the deadliest killer diseases in the world, Malaria is prevalent in Liberia.
“India has produced medicine that cures malaria. We therefore, appeal for Indian malaria experts to be sent here to deal with this malaria epidemic in the country,” Madam Dhaliwal Said.
a member of Parliament and Minister of State for External Affairs of India made history on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 when he became the first high-profile Indian government official to visit Liberia in 40 years, even though the two countries have enjoyed cordial bilateral ties for so many years. Dr. Tharoor, a very humble and simple gentleman, does not display the hot air of power that he wields, but he is no small power broker in the world's largest democracy. The soft-spoken Minister met a cross-section of top Indian businessmen at a private dinner tendered in his honor by the Honorary Consul General of India, Upjit Singh Sachdeva, at his residence in the diplomatic enclave of Mamba Point in Monrovia. The august visitor exhorted Liberians to lift their economy by importing some of India's technology into the country. He said India would assist the Liberian Government based on the Government's own agenda for assistance and promised that his government would assist Liberia in easing some of her land transport needs. The Honorary Consul General earlier recounted Indian businessmen's contribution to the Liberian economy and the cordial ties they enjoy with the Liberian authorities. He also called for more Indian investment in the country as, according to him, Liberia is a good place for doing business.

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