Monday, October 5, 2009

Fuamah Rioters to Face Prosecution

The youths residing in Faumah District in Bong County who staged a violent demonstration on Wednesday, September 16, 2009, in which the Liberian Flag (Lone Star) was brought down and allegedly burnt are expected to face court prosecution in November on several charges including robbery and crime against the state.
According to earlier reports, the rioters were demanding accountability from the district authorities for funds that they have generated over the years from the flourishing scrap business that has been ongoing in the area as well as the county’s development funds.
During the riot, the Fuamah youths brought down three of the country’s from the offices of the commissioner, the clan chief and the paramount chief; a action describe by the police Inspector, Ebenezer R. Coleman, as a first degree felony that could result in violators facing firing squad.
The latest riot in the district claimed the attention of some of the county authorities in a rather negative way including the chairman of the Bong County legislative caucus, Rep. George Mulbah who believed that the youths should not go with impunity.
He thereby alleged that the Fuamah youths attack on the state was becoming habitual pointing back to 2008; when the youths arrogantly burnt down the then newly renovated police station in the area.
“They are not going to get away with this act this time, but will be brought to justice for their actions,” he asserted.
However, The Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) has reportedly accused some of the local authorities including Representative, George Mulbah; District Commissioner, Nathaniel A. Carter and Police Inspector, Ebenezer R. Coleman for allegedly brutalizing several youths belonging to its Bong Mines youth secretariat on
Meanwhile, the Youth Chairman of Fuamah, John G. Monroe, whom along with other youths was imprisoned for four days pending trail, spoke with the Daily Observer on Monday, September 28, 2009 via phone about the pending prosecution.
According to him they have a bond up to November 9, 2009 when they should be facing the magisterial court in Gbarnga on charges of robbery and contempt.

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