Sunday, October 4, 2009

Go Slow Hits ELWA Hospital

Workers of the Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA) Hospital located on the Roberts field highway on Friday September 4, 2009 morning stage a go slow in relation to an expected employment of a Nigerian national as a supervisor of the hospital.
The go slow lasted from the early morning hours up about 12:30 P.M at which time many patience were not being attended to.
Minister. Kedrick White, Executive Director (ED) of the ELWA, then called an emergency meeting in to discourse the issue of bringing a Nigerian, identify as Hawa Sarwah to supervise the workers; journalists were banded from attending the meeting.
After the hour plus meeting, Minister White spoke to the media present on their progress with the workers at the hospital.
He said that they facing difficulties with many factors such as authorities, proceedings, procedure consultations and how to run and operate ELWA.
According to the excusive director, the hospital will host a one week meeting be to him the staff need to made knowledgeable of different positions hiring and processes among others that can be misunderstand.
He further added that the decision to host a one week meeting is to dialogue with the staffs over their current grievances for a liberalize ELWA to the Liberian Public.
Meanwhile, the staff representative, Jadeh Gesenius Gbablo, speaking to his fellow reluctant comrades about the out come of the meeting said that Minister White wanted for all workers to list the opinions on problems that they have being face with and channel it through three representative.
However, some of the Nurses raised qualms over representation of the entire staff by only three persons, especially in time like these. Mr. Gbablo responded to their say that their words are not the gospel and appealed to them to take up their working and go back to work.
Many of the staff show off reluctance to the appeal and slowly move toward their respective offices in a hope that the seven days cooling off dialogue will solve their many grievances which have haunted them over the years.

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