Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bong Mines Youth Thirst for Justice

The youths of the one time, Bong Mines Company (BMC) that was operating in the west African state of Liberia have been face with series of problems. the rights of the youths are been infringed on by the local authorities as well as the scraping company that is operating in the area.
 Ihe scrape company which is in partnershiip with a british owned company known as horizons, has been scraping every structure of the bogn mines company and ship abroad thereby leaving the facility to be as i fa ghost town.
In September of 2009, the British prepierator, Hans Armstrong used tear gas grenade aginst the local there by injuring their eyes severely. he was then to appear in court but used his monetary might and call the case off to the Provencal city of gbarnga where the case is still pending investigation.

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  1. It is an abuse to th rights of a citizen for a foriengner to come into his country and tear gas them for their own property. if i as th egovernment i as going to sent him to prison without prosecution.


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