Monday, April 16, 2012

Friendship Turned Deadly

Flower Pot Community off the Du Port Road turned into a scene of drama on March 19, 2012 when two intimate friends, Augustine David and Prince Zammie, got involve into an argument which left one of them dead. The alleged aggressor, Augustine David age 20, having fled the scene that day was arrested by Liberian National Police (LNP) Corporal Jerry Wymah in the Chicken Soup Factory Community on March 20, 2012, investigated and subsequently charged with murder. Defendant David was charged for violating Chapter 14; Sub Chapter B; and Section 14.1 of the revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia have since been forwarded to court to face trails for purposely, knowingly and intentionally causing the death of Prince Zammie. According to the details of offense stipulated in a police charge sheet dated March 27, 2012, both defendant David and his victim Zammie attended the same school and played for the same football team, the school team. Besides attending the Chirstain Bible Faith Academy located in the Joe Bar Community in Paynesville, the defendant and victim lived as next door neighbors in the community where the young Prince Zammie met his untimely dismay. The police charge sheet furthered that it was revealed by detailed inqueries coupled with eyewitnesses’ accounts that on March 19 both the victim and defendant returned from school together and when off back to Joe Bar for football practice. When the practice was over, the defendant and victim were accompanied by two other players who were going to have meal at the victim’s (Prince) home. According to one of the players that was with them (victim and defendant), while they enroute to the victim’s house, an argument broke out between the victim and the defendant which called out the bad blood that led to the death of the late Prince Zammie. The eyewitness said that the victim call off the argument saying he (victim) did not want noise with the defendant on grounds that the defendant once visited his (victim) home and vomited over the floor. Besides that the eyewitness said the victim further accused the defendant of misbehaving at his (victim) parent’s home in the presence of his grandmother who reported the defendant misconduct to his (victim) mother. By that accusation the eyewitness said defendant David called the victim’s grandmother a liar but the victim cautioned him (defendant) not to insult his (victim) grandmother because by that he (defendant) was insulting his (victim) mother and if the defendant did not refrain from that there was going to be a fight. The eyewitness narrated that the defendant asked the victim if he (victim) have never insulted his (defendant) parents, when the victim refused to accept that he have ever insulted the defendant’s parents, the defendant exclaimed “F*C* your people.” It was then according to the eyewitness that the two friends entered into a fight that the eyewitnesses intervine and had calm. When they got home, as the eyewitness puts it, the victim brought his food outdoor for them to eat; while eating the defendant came from the back of the victim and stabbed him (victim) in the upper right back with a kitchen knife and throw it away; the weapon was later recovered from the crime scene by the police. The victim was rushed to the ELWA hospital where he expired while undergoing treatment for the severe wound inflicted by the blow of the aggressor’s blade. When he was arrested, defendant without cohesion admitted to the committing the murder and is awaiting cour trial in due time.

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