Sunday, April 25, 2010

‘It’s a mistake for a woman to lead’

NVP Kiadii told Students
The standard bearer of the National Vision Party (NVP), Bishop Dr. George Kaidii, last Saturday April 17, 2010 told students at the Vision International Christian College of Liberia (VICCOL), that it was a mistake for a woman to rule.
He said this at the induction ceremony of the newly elected students’ government at VICCOL where he served as a guest speaker.
As he spoke with a preaching rhythm, Dr. Kaidii said a lot, stating that the country was build on falsehood and said that the first civil rights abuse of indigenous Liberian took place in 1847, the same the country got its independence.
“The first civil rights abuse of indigenous in this land, took place in 1847. The book of isaih says because of the lack of knowledge the people of the nation perish,” he said.
During his hour plus elaboration the NVP standard bearer raised one of his famous choruses that the land reform policy of the government was not in the interest of the indigenous Liberians.
He described the efforts of the land reform as malicious and intends to take away lands from indigenous Liberians in the rural areas who understand little of the meaning of document that is being provided to them.
“It would not be too long when we can not locate the graves of our great grandparents in our villages, - Because the tyrant have driven up some sort of malicious, descriptive amendment for people to go in our areas and start claiming our land. Yesterday I have spoken and declared that; the land reform is not in the interest of the indigenous; because the indigenous has nothing but tribal certificates. A tribal certificate does not legitimize ownership of the land you must have a deed,” he said.

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