Monday, April 26, 2010

“Gays and Lesbians have Equal Dignity”

-Says Most Reverend Jefferts-Schori

The most reverend of the Episcopal Church, Katherine Jefferts-Schori, in a press conference at the Trinity cathedral on broad street upon her visit to the country addressed one of the most burning issues of gay and lesbian within the Anglican Church.
The Episcopal most who visit was intended to strengthen the relationship between the Liberian and the America Episcopal Church said that the issue of gay and lesbianism have been under discussion for nearly 50 years.
Most Rev. Jefferts-Schori said that God created every person differently and therefore every one have the right to have equal dignity.
“I believe that all Gods people was Created differently and have the right to have equal dignity,” Most Rev. Jefferts-Schori said.
She said of her visit to Liberia as presiding bishop was a physical massage that men and women are equally dignified in the eyes of God and hope that Liberian women in the Episcopal Church will understand that.
The visit of Her Grace to Liberia marks the first time in the history of the Episcopal church of Liberia that a Presiding Bishop has come to visit the diocese.
The Episcopal church of Liberia (ECL) was established by the American church in 1836 when the first missionaries were sent to what is now known as Maryland and for most of its existence is was just another diocese of the church until 1982 when the ECL became a full member of the Anglican Church of the Provence of West Africa (CPWA).
It was during the episcopacy of the late Bishop George D. Browne, the first indigenously elected Bishop of the Liberian Church that the church became a full member of the CPWA.
However, the relationship between the two churches has remained intact defined by a Covenant agreement that is continually reviewed and updated by both churches. The Bishop of Liberia is a non-voting member of the TEC house of bishop and delegates of ECL attend the General Conventions of TEC.
Her Grace Jefferts-Schori was elected as the 12th female presiding of a church that comprises dioceses in not only the United States but also in Asia, South and Central America, the West Indies and West Africa.

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