Monday, August 10, 2009

Traditional Culture Returns

The RLJ Kendeja resort and Villas has launched a weekly Liberian cultural night which tends to promote cultural activities in as well as attract tourist to the country.
The Launching ceremony brought together people from all walks of life in Liberia to witness a glamorous performance of the Bassa, Vai, Kpelle and Dan traditional dance groups as well as the preparation of some Liberian traditional dishes.
The former Liberian Cultural centre was so lighted that it signifies that the commitment of the RLJ Kendeja Resort and Villas towards Liberian culture and economy and especially to support the local Kendeja community is not just a hollow phrase, but is really being put into action.
The General Manager Ronald praised the performers who colored the occasion with their swift bodies stating that the Liberian Culture was appreciated and has the potential to attract guests if it is presented and promoted the right way.
“I think this is the way forward, not only for Kendeja but for the tourism sector in general. We will increase this kind of activities and launch a monthly changing Contemporary Liberian Art Exhibition on the 22nd of July with works from the artist David Wollobah,” Ronald added.
He further averred that at this moment they are also developing a range of special Kendeja products, postcards and arts and crafts in collaboration with the Kendeja community and craftsman, which can be sold in their shop to support the concept of traditional night and the Kendeja Community as well.

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