Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Liberia’s Professional Shoemaker has Falling

Liberia’s pioneer shoemaker and businessman, Matthew G. Kpeh, 56, on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 at about 5:30am met his untimely death by heart failure at the St. Joseph catholic Hospital where he was admitted.
Mr. Kpeh was born on January 7, 1953 in Moweh district # 5, Rivercess County. In all his life time, Mr. Kpeh got many achievements as a businessman and a professional shoemaker despite his educational background.
In 1975 having graduated from the Liberia Opportunities Industrialization Centers (LOIC) Mr. Kpeh established the MKS shoemaking shop on McDonald Street under the Crown Hill cinema in Monrovia where he mended shoes for President Williams R. Tolbert.
During the 80’s Mr. Kpeh was the President of the Shoemaker Association of Liberia and by 1985, he was awarded a scholarship by the then President of Liberia, Samuel K doe, whom he made shoes for to go to Italy and study shoemaking.
He retuned to Liberia in 1986 and become a teacher of the Liberia Opportunities Industrialization Centers (LOIC) Shoemaking Department up to 1990 when war broke out at the countries border and he had to flee for his life.
He returned to Monrovia in 1992 and established the Come and See Bakery no McDonald streets where he began producing meat pie and other pastries until 2009 when he added cook food to his menu.
In 1995 Matthew G. Kpeh won the award businessman of the year. Also that same year became father of the year of the John Jackson Powell United Methodist Church on Warren Street.
Mr. Kpeh remained very committed to his native home Moweh district #5, Rivercess County and by 1998 he became chairmen of the Moweh Development Association up to January of 2009 when he resigned from the post.
During the general and presidential elections of 2005 Mr. Kpeh served as the campaign chairmen Moweh district for the Liberty Party, where he canvassed a huge some of votes for his party.
Mr. Kpeh was married with 11 children to Mrs. Durcas Nukah Kpeh, who predeceased Him in March of 2008 in a motor accident.

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