Monday, March 12, 2012

60% Focus Needed

- Says Ms. Juli Endee on girl’s empowerment Ms. Juli Endee, from Liberian Crusaders for Peace, have called on the government and people of Liberia to give at least 60% focus to girls empowerment if women are to be on par with their male counterpart. Madam Endee said as an African tradition, it was only boys who had the opportunity to go school while the girls stay home and dealt with house chores which had kept some Liberian girls far behind men. According to Ms. Endee when she spoke at a press briefing which focus on the activities for celebration of today, March 8, International Women's Day, it was about time that girls empowerment be prioritized so they can become productive citizens in society. These statements were based on the fact that several young women in the country according to reports have become ‘sex workers’ in other to support themselves and their families. Ms. Stella Twea, UNFPA Gender Adviser who presented on behave of United Nations family, their work with regards to working with national and international partners in strengthening the development opportunities for women and young girls in Liberia, alluded to the fact when she addressed the press briefing. She said girls around the world are being pushed by poverty into sex work and early age marriage in order to get what they must to survive. The Gender Adviser at UNFPA pointed out that most sex workers and under age (below 18) girls who are married out are vulnerable to implications which increases the country’s mortality rate. Though UN agencies and the GOL have worked to empower girls in the country, Ms. Twea said in years the UN and government of Liberia will be implementing programs that promotes girls empower as one unlike now. She acknowledged that there are vocational training programs which is improving the lives of many young women and girls and victims of sexual exploitation in urban areas of Liberia but stressed the need for women and girls in rural parts of the country to feel the impact of those programs. Ms. Twea disclosed that since January there have been at least 62 reported rape cases of which 58 involved young girls in their early teen age.

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