Sunday, September 18, 2011

Motorcyclists Reassured Support to Ellen

Several hundred commercial motorcyclists, pehm pehm boys, last Thursday September 15, 2011 gathered at the fish market in Monrovia and reassured their support for the re-election of the incumbent, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. At the gathering the president thanked the crowd for coming out under the rain to re-assure their support to her at this time of the election period and lauded the contribution the motorcyclists were making in the country transport sector. For “safety sake” President Sirleaf gives out more helmets and illuminable vest to several of the riders at the site. Furthermore, madam Sirleaf gived the LMTU 1,000 gallons of gas slip and L$ 20,000 as a gesture to the assembly potential electorates who will got to poll on October 11, 2011. The motorbike riders thanked the president for such gesture which will help them and their organization to become more improved. According Mr. Robert M. Sammie Secretary General of the Liberian Motorbike Transport Union (LMTU), they converge to reassure their support to President Sirleaf because she has been helping the motorcyclists in the country. He said the president have made Liberia a peaceful nation in which they can work and support their family and also improve the road network in the country among others in her last term. LMTU secretary general Sammie said the incumbent have promised to give the union a land to begin the construction of a national headquarters for the union come October 23, 2011. Also speaking with the FrontPage Newspaper, Donato Bovel, General Supervisor of the LMTU, said the union will contribute to a non-violent election. Mr. Bovel said he was pledging his support to president Sirleaf because she have “demonstrated her love for the young people” of the nation. Beside that he said since the inauguration of Madam Sirleaf in 2006, he have seen and heard a lot of improvement about the development of the country’s infrastructure, health and education sectors which he term as a “positive sign” to have her reelected. One of the motorcyclists, Alex K. Nunue, of ELWA district # 6, said he was pledging his support to the president not because he would receive gas slip and money from the Unity Party’s candidate but because she, president Sirleaf, have done well. “Madam Sirleaf have done very well in her last term to get us this far. I think if we give her the presidency again things will get even better than they are,” Mr. Nunue said. Jusufu Jaward, a motorcyclist from red-light district # 5, said he had come to pledge his support to the Madam Sirleaf because he “loved” her and the things she has done to help the motorcyclists in the country. The motorcyclists first pledged their support to the president in March of this year for her development agenda aimed at transforming Liberia.

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