Friday, December 31, 2010

Armed Men Attacked Saye Town Community

Residents of the Saye Town Community in Sinkor woke to the sound of three gun shots fired by armed robbers who attacked several business people and made away with about L$ 49,350 and other valuables.
The robbery took place yesterday at about 1:30 am when business houses were still opened and transaction was being carried out but nobody was severely injured.
How the robbery was carried out
According to eyewitnesses who monitored the execution of the robbery against money exchanger, Mr. Perry Clay, 34, at least three men armed with a ‘single-barrel pistol’, cutlass and baseball bat terrorized the area.
During the raid, Mr. Clay and the robbers tussled over his money bag and he was hit to the head with a stick to release the bag.
After the robbers hi-jacked Clay’s money, they rushed to a provision shop, Lagos Provision Shop, but did not enter because the shop owner closed the door before they could get to it.
Eyewitnesses said the robbers shot one round at the door and shot two more in the air to frighten away the crowd which were in the vicinity.
The robbers having taken their loots ran towards Jallah’s Town where they boarded some motorcycles and escaped the terrain before police could arrive.
Shells of the bullet was found by people on the scene and turned over to the Liberian National Police who arrived on the scene later and took
Perry’s story
Mr. Clay was the most victimized and explained what happen during the raid against him which he said has frustrated all progress he had made in business in business since the late 2000s.
“Right now I am confused and do not know what to do,” he began. “When the robbers came and start to demand me to give my money I thought they were some of my friends in the community but they begin arrogant when I was not going to let them have my bag.”
“One of them said shoot him, then I heard the gun sound. We were still fighting over the bag then the other man hit my head with a stick that was when I left the bag. They ran to the Nigerian shop and then ran toward jallah town.”
“I had US$707 [L$49,350] equivalent, 1 N gage phone value, US$ 500, 2 Nokia phone, value US$20 each and a ZTE phone value, US$ 10 in the bag. The N gage was pawned to me few days ago.”
34 years old Clay had entered into business in 2000 as a fanti bread seller and gradually progressed to selling car oil, gasoline and fuel until recently when he began money exchanging which was a clear indication of how determine he is in business.
Why the robbery
Some of the bystanders at the scene attributed the robbery to the high urge some people have for money because the Christmas season.
But others disagreed and said that such mischief happened because there is no more vigilant group in the area that could counter raids in the absence of the National Police.
However, many other attributed the gang raid to the late hours business owners in the area keep their businesses open.
Residents grateful, police watchful
Though Perry Clay lost a substantial sum of money and sustained ‘minor bruises’, residents of the area were grateful that no one was seriously injured or killed.
When contacted on the incident, Police Spokesman, George Bardue, said reports of the robbery have reached the Liberian National Police (LNP) but no arrest has being made.
He assure that the police are doing all that they can to investigate the issue and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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