Friday, September 24, 2010

Woman, 25, Abducted, flogged and raped

Information gathered from the Township of West Point revealed that three residents of the Community on Sunday allegedly abducted a 25-year old woman for allegedly stealing US$20 belonging to the perpetrators.

Briefing Newsline a niece of the victim Sarah Dixon said her aunt was invited in Fatin Town, Community in West Point by one of her friends only identified as Winifred, while at Winifred Residence some security Personnel and raided a gang of drug addicts. She aid in this event, one of drugs addicts hid a US$20 in the sand near the beach, but when returned, he noticed that the money was allegedly taken away by an unknown person.

Sarah said according to her aunt, in search of the doer of the act, her friend Winifred told them that it was the victim who took the money from the sand and took away. As a result of this, the victim was adopted by these three guys and taken in an unknown room, tortured by these men.

According the victim niece, the victim hair on her private part was burnt, and other parts of the on

The girl also revealed that her aunt told her that the three, during the torture had sexual intercourse with her, throughout that night she was with them and dropped her in an empty room and departed the scene.

The victim friend Winifred did not report the case until after these men completed their task.

In the presence of Winifred, one of the perpetrators were arrested by officers of the Liberian National Police and taken place under their custody pending investigation.

When contacted as to whether Oscar as he is identified, police denied ever arresting any one in connection to such a case, and has no one by the name of Oscar in their possession .

But while in the premises of the Police Depot in West Point, it was observed that a well –built man dark in complexion in the cell of the of the depot responded to a called made by our reporter calling him Oscar.

Though according to family sources, Oscar was arrested Monday morning taken at the depot for investigation.

our reporter was also informed that the victim was taken at the Redemption Hospital for Treatment, but to our greatest surprise the nurses told the news man that they have not gotten any case as such at the hospital.

But our reporter observed that something resembles compromise was about to go on at the police depot, in West Point.

The reporter was told by some residents of west Point that there are a lot of cases that are compromised in that township with the victim been left without treatment.

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