Monday, June 8, 2009


Zion University College Finally Gets Student Leadership

Following years of suspension and marginalization on university intellectual discussion and gathering, the A.M.E. Zion University College has gotten a student leadership that will liaise between students and administration from henceforth.
On June 5, 2009, students impatiently stood in a long cue from 12 mid-day to 6:10 pm to elect their leaders; election in which Mr. Deamie Stewart triumphantly ascended as president leaving down his opponent James Ngafua.
According to results released by the special election commission, J. Deami Stewart had 419 votes against James Ngafua whose total votes came up to 259.
Others who won with Stewart include, Mensue Mendee, vice president, Peter Wisdom Fayiah, secretary, Joseph B. Smith, student representative, Yallah P. Moibah, financial secretary, Hannah Watson, Champlain, Peter Karngbay, senior class president, H. Wede Wallace, vice president for senior class, Blessing Reynolds, junior class president and Ishmael Russell, freshman class president. views solicited from voters earlier suggested that they were not considering how much money a candidate has to carry on merry making, but were looking at how well the incoming leader can articulate to fully represent the college in intellectual discussion.
This indicates that instead of voters considering what one may have to offer as being customarily practiced, people are taking different dimension in choosing a leader.
According to a lot of them on the eve of their election, they could go in the camp of Ngafua to amuse themselves through merry making at an entertainment center since he felt he could win through sharing drinks.
In a brief interview president-elect Deami Stewart, he said his ascendancy to the position is not only a victory but a challenge.

He said after sometimes of retrogression, it was time that student participation in the affairs of the college be prioritized if true Democracy can be said to exist.
Special Election Commissioner Abu Ansumana Kromah in an interview said the election was fair, free and transparent that since it ended on Friday June 5, there has been no protest filed in.
He noted that there were more invalid votes; an indication he says can be attributed to students failure to follow instruction.
The current leadership is under the banner of student union government. According to a close source to the administration, this was done to limit students policital activities so that condition that caused the suspension of student politics on the campus cannot reoccur.

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