Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Red Cross ‘Lifts’ 28-year-old Female Handicap

The Liberian National Red Cross Society (LNRCS) has provided subsistence for a 28-year-old female handicap including a bag of rice, two saving accounts at a local bank, used wares to sell and a stall at the Ma Juah Market in Vai Town.
During the ceremony, Jimmy C. Diggs, head of the LNRCS humanitarian value section, said the Society has embarked on the process of “supporting a handicap who has been afflicted by the Liberia civil conflict.”
According to him, the afflicted handicap was abandoned. Hawa Kemokai lost her left leg during the Liberian civil war at age 22.
Diggs told journalists that stigmatization and neglect were contributing factors to Hawa not living a full life that she needs to lead as a normal human being.
At the presentation, LNRCS president, Theresa Leigh Sherman, said the organization was thankful that the opportunity was given to the most vulnerable and hoped the assistance would be use wisely.
LNRCS boss also urged the beneficiary to go back to school because, without education all that has been done for her will be mismanaged.
“This is your chance to improve your life instead of being dependent all of the time. You are never too old to learn,” said Leigh-Sherman.
The Secretary General of the LNRCS, Daniel Clarke, disclosed that the US$800 used to provide the assistance package to Hawa was raised by Liberian students at the Ohio University in the United States of America. He noted that the group of students only sent the money to assist a vulnerable in the country and Hawa was chosen by the LNRCS.
The 28 year-old thanked the organization for “saving her life.” She promised to utilize the opportunity had been given her.
She was given a room in which the organization paid six months rental; bought three bails of used clothing; and a bag of rice. She also got a stall paid for at the Ma Juah market and two separate accounts of US Dollars and Liberian dollars at a bank in Monrovia.

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