Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Urey throws hat for presidency

-urges partisans, Liberians to raise the standard of democracy By: Bill E. Diggs Mr. Benoni Urey has become an aspiring candidate for the Liberian presidency come 2017 with the National Election Commission (NEC) certifying his party the All Liberian Party (ALP). To him the certification was a clear manifestation that Liberia’s democracy has begun to mature therefore all ALP partisans and Liberians must work to protect the country’s democracy. Mr. Urey was speaking at the party’s Headquarters in the Old Road Community Friday, August 7, 2015 shortly after the NEC certificated the party as one of the standing political institutions in the country. “Upholding the principles and virtues of our country’s democracy are crucial in proving to the world that we have finally turned the corners and that the dark and difficult days of our nation’s history are behind us. We are marching forward forever. This is the true significance of this ceremony,” he said. Mr. Urey once served as Liberia Maritime Authority Commissioner under the reign of imprisoned former President Charles G. Taylor and is currently one of Liberia foremost businessmen who believed that the country can only reclaim respect through democracy. “Let me assure you ladies and gentlemen that as political institution, the All Liberian Party (ALP) will endeavor to raise the standards of democracy in Liberia. We must work tirelessly to achieve this goal. The ALP is the vehicle through which the dreams and aspirations of our country and its citizens can be achieved. “Most of you want to go to bed with knowledge that food will be on your tables tomorrow. Most of you want to be assured that the means of your children’s education can be affordable. Most of you want to work and your enumerations can be equal with others. Most of you want to go home on the day you take your pay and not be visited by armed robbers 2 O’clock in the morning. Most of you want your children, friends and relatives to stop dying from sicknesses that can be easily treated. Most of you want your people to be given the basic essentials for living, which are food, water, light, shelter, etc. We have brought a hope to move Liberians from life of darkness to a life of radiance which is the kind of nation our forefathers were working hard to build and this is the kind of nation that Liberia must be, a home of glorious liberty by God’s command,” Mr. Urey added. He told the ALP partisans that the certification was a prayer answered by God with a mandate for nation building. He called on them to see the party as a vehicle through which the vision of the country’s forefather can be fulfilled noting the establishment of the party marks a new beginning in History of Liberia. “This party will fulfill a vision to build a great nation which shall be the pride of Africa and the emblem of the world at large. It has now been realized. Liberian can now boast with their heads up high and be proud of this great nation we all love so dearly,” Mr. Urey said. He averred that the came to ensure that Liberia becomes a land where most of its policy and programs are implemented for the benefit of its people and not the way it has been done in the past. “Today is a glorious day in the history of our nation. The All Liberians Party presents itself as boundless party that deals with issues that champion the cause of our people. It will foster a society that will be for all Liberians and a society where everyone will be equal under the laws and enjoy equal opportunity. Everybody will be responsible for the government and the government will be responsible for everybody. It intends to uphold Liberia to higher highs democratically, academically, and socially. On this day of our party’s birth, I make this promise to you fellow partisans, I will work along with you to make this happen. I will stand by you, until our goal is achieved. I will never and ever weaver in my faith until the dream is realized and I will always be there with you whenever you need me the most.”

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