Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ERU officer ‘shares’ booty with criminals

Alleged armed robber Varfee K. Bestman has told police investigation that moneys he looted off his victim were shared between him, his accomplices and an Emergency Response Unit (ERU) the officers identified as Boza Wallace. “Joe-dee Craig and myself when to a ghetto behind Remedy church where we met one ERU officer by name Boza Wallace AKA BMW who took the wallet from us and took out the amount of US$200 which was all in 20 bills. Boza gave us US$100 plus four packs of co-co [Cocaine] and we left with the ERU officer and did not check in it,” Defendant Bestman said. Defendand Bestman alongside three other individuals identified as Wesseh, Zam and Joe-dee Craig (all alleged) were charged of committing the crime of armed robbery, aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy against the person of Cyrus A. Tolbert. According to the police charge against them they attacked their victim (Cyrus) who when clubbing around the Airfield area at about 12:00 am. Victim Tolbert told the police investigation that when he was left the Old Folks Night Club he cross the road and went to urinate when his Samsung Galaxy Note-3 phone began to ring. “As soon as I opened my zipper to peepee, my Samsung Galaxy Note-3 phone value US$850 began to ring and I took it out to answer the call at which time an unknown came from behind me and knocked it from my hand,” he said. He narrated that the phone dropped in a distance then he and the unknown man began fighting over the phone when some unknown men came from his back and stabbed him behind the left ear with a scissors and chopped his wrist with a cutlass. Victim Tolbert said that his attackers having lacerated his body charged his pocket and collected US$380 one heavy duty driver license, one Stella-Marries ID card and one Nokia 8600 phone value US$45. Defenant Bestman denied knowledge of the chopping and stabbing of victim Cyrus but said that he had gone to the Old Folks Entertainment center to enjoy himself when he used a razor blade to tear the front pocket of a man who was sleeping. “I took the wallet and started running towards the Remedy Chruch and the gentleman chased after me but did not catch up with me. My friends Zam and Wesseh chase the gentleman and grabbed him but I do not know what happened thereafter,” he said. The escaping ‘criminals’ then met ERU officer Boza Wallace who collected the wallet from them and give them US$100 and four packs of cocaine as their share of the loot.

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