Monday, July 29, 2013

LMDC’s Chairman refuses to compromise quality health

Warns public against opening substandard clinic around town
Dr. John Mulbah, Chairman of the Liberia Medical and Dental Council (LMDC) says during his reign he will not compromise quality health services for the existence of voluminous quantity of health facilities. He made this declaration at a news conference held yesterday at the LMDC’s head office in Sinkor where he addressed an array of journalists on the functions and guidelines of the Council. Such declaration was predicated on the question about the need for more medical facilities to tend to the 3.5 million population of Liberia in face of the pressing need for quality health. According to Dr. Mulbah, the objective of the LMDC was aimed at ensuring that the medical field in Liberia was standardized to raid off quack doctors and low-key medical facilities which jeopardized the life of Liberia’s citizenry. He told the conference that too often; individuals in their quest to provide health services in certain communities go about turning their bedrooms or the back of their drugstores into clinics thus ignoring the standard requirement of establishing a clinic as set out by the LMDC. Dr. Mulbah promised that all “clinics” falling below the standard set by the council will be closed down no matter who owns them because before a clinic is established there should be consultation with the LMDC. He noted that consultation with the LMDC was necessary for the proper zoning as well as ensuring that all facilities essential to the operation of a quality clinic was adhered to for such establishment. Speaking on the structure of the LMDC, Dr. Mulbah noted that the council comprised of 13 members who make up five standing committees to regulate the effective operation of the medical and dental sector of the country. Among the committees named by Dr. Mulbah were the executive, examination and credential, disciplinary, education and training, and finance, budget and planning committees. Dr. Mulbah noted that all of the committees were set up because actors within the medical field are to protect the people of the country therefore the LDMC will not allow those actors to risk the lives of the citizenry. He said that any individual or institution investigated by the LDMC and found culpable of medical malpractice in the country will be handled accordingly with necessary penalties.

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