Monday, April 16, 2012

UL Boosts Students’ Confidence

The University of Liberia (UL) last Thursday held its first job fair which affords several thousands the opportunity to gain exposure to potential would be employers. More than 30 private corporations and Government agencies were at the fair issuing out forms to and collecting curriculum vitaes (CV) from students who queued at the Firestone Quadrant (FQ) Building on the UL’s main campus where the event took place. According to Rev. J. Samuel Reeves, Director of Student Academic Advisement and Career Counseling Center at the university, the job fair was intended to have the students familiar with the ways people go about searching for a job. He said a two-day workshop was conducted with the students on how they could develop their resume that would help expedite their chances of being hire by an employer if they apply. The Student Academic Advisement and Career Counseling Center Director envisioned that having students and citizens of a country employed is significant in the strive for a peaceful and crime free society. Rev. Reeves carryout a theoretical equation which states that “the higher the employment rate in a country the lower the crime rate; and vise versa”. Speaking with some of the students who queued at the FQ building, they said the job fair was an opportunity which will help them get a job to sponsor their education. Jonathan Moore, one of the several students who spoke with the INSIGHT thanked the administration of the UL for being farsighted to initiate such program that would boost their confidence is the search for jobs. He hoped that he event will continue and that the corporations and agencies that were on ground issuing forms, and collecting credentials would actually employ or hire most of the students for internship. Also making comment on the conduct of the event which was aimed at having students exposed to job opportunity and provide workforce to the growing number corporations and entities in Liberia, Dr. Wede Elliott-Brownell said the event has created an atmosphere in which many UL students would get internship jobs. Dr. Elliott-Brownell who is the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost of the UL added that students who were participating in the fair cross-cut the entire student populace (23,000 plus) from all colleges at the university. She told reporters who attended the event that many students at the tertiary level of education in the country have not been able to obtain a job because they could not just go out to companies and say employ me when they don’t have the requisite experience. The UL Provost hoped that the job fair event would amplify at a frequency of at least twice a year in order to give more students at the university a chance to get some job experience that would compliment their academic credential. Job fair such as the one just ended is a new phenomenon that has been introduced by the University of Liberia to address the age old problem of students not getting a job after they graduate because they do not any job experience in there area of discipline. Asked if there were plans of incorporating other universities on the UL’s job fair, madam Elliott-Brownell said the university will not incorporate other universities on the program because the current amount of students of students at the university is expected to project by next year and subsequently in years that follow. Madam Elliott-Brownell however said the UL is willing to work with other universities in the country to develop such program for the benefit of Liberian students.

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