Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chinese Businessmen Detained for Tax Evasion

At least five Chinese businessmen have been arrested and detained at the Monrovia central prison on charge of contempt of court for their delinquency to appear before the Tax Court for Montserrado County since June of 2011 to answer to why they have not being paying tax for the businesses they are operating in the country. Those arrested business men include: Lian Zhi, Xu Li Xin, Duan Yong Hou, Ne Jzan Ping and Liang Jle, who as per the order of the Her Honor Eva Mappy Morgan, are to remain in jail for the period of thirty days. It is likely that they may get a bond or remain in jail as they undergo trial for the act of evading tax in the tone of about US$50,000 by changing the name of the construction materials business located on Tubman Boulevard opposite S.D. Cooper road. The businesses, currently named Chain Builders and Modern Builders, where close down yesterday, April 19, 2012 by sheriff of the Tax Court supported by the Liberia National Police and Cllr. Aaron B. Kparkillen, Assistant Minister for Taxation at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). According to the closure order carried by the Tax Court’s Sheriff, China Construction Material Super Market, China Quality Building Material Corporation, Liberia China Investment Group and China West African Building Material Store, names the businessmen previously operated, are found in violation of Section 1900 (Tax Evasion) of the Revenue Code of Liberia. The Chinese Businessmen that were in the Chain Builders and the Modern Builders stores were arrested and taken to the Tax Court at the Temple of Justice from where they were taken to the Monrovia central prison to serve their 30 days term. When asked why the Chinese were being taken into custody, Cllr. Kparkillen said the businessmen had evaded tax and have failed to appear in court since June of 2011 when they were summoned. He said such act was a gross disrespect to the Liberian authority and such would not be taken lightly because the men would not have dared to do that if they were in China. The effort of having the Chinese arrested was to set presidence to others who are likely to engage in tax evasion adding that ‘Liberia is a country of Law not men’.

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